Automated Factories to Shape Future

At Autoedge Advanced Automation Technologies, we provide range of discrete factory automation solutions and services for enhancing productivity and quality with excellent return on investment.

Over the years, we have successfully built large turnkey automation projects comprising of ROBOTs, Vision systems, Servo Systems, Conveyors, Standard machineries, SCADA and MES applications, to manufacture, assemble, pack and distribute different products for different industries. Our multidomain experience brings in the best technology at affordable cost.

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Solutions Overview

There is very high demand for mass production with out compromising the quality of the product to sustain the current competitive market. Most current products have very short life span starting from development to next new product launch. Intelligent factories are needed to manage the dynamic market demands. Complete production process like Input material storage, Transfer to assembly, Assembly, Packing, Storing finished goods and Supply chain with logistics requires integrated solution to manage the business efficiently.

Few key applications solutions we provide are,
   1. Assembly lines
   2. Inspection lines
   3. Work Cells
   4. ROBOTIC automation application
   5. Standard Conveyors


Inline and Offline inspection systems


Performance Test benches


Assembly Lines


Conveyor systems


Machine Tending Pick & Place


Controls Systems


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