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Innovation is the driver of progress in an Industrial Automation. With the increasing complexity of automation technologies, you need a knowledgeable and reliable partner. Autoedge has the key automation systems and required expertise to provide the ideal solution for your automation requirements

Start to End, Ensuring Your Solution is Feasible and Viable

  • Desirability - We believe in human and process centered design and deeply involve in understanding needs. With ever changing market demand that is extremely dynamic, it becomes very difficult to manage with traditional manual process. At Autoedge, we understand how to blend user and process requirements with market demands with our flexible automated solutions.
  • Business Viability - Falling Industrial automation components price, Accessible talent, Ease of Integration, New capabilities due to advancement in technology, Low volume & Agile production, High variable task management, and many other features makes automation need and implementation viable for current and future business. At Autoedge, we have deep understanding of cost of best technologies and experience in providing world class automation solutions those are cost effective, energy efficient, easy implementation, lowest operating cost and low cost of maintenance to make your business process that is profitable and viable that will be flexible to ever changing environments.
  • Technical Feasibility - We have experienced Engineering and Project management team who can understand operational and business needs and provide automation solution. Our systematic approach in building machine right from concept to implementation ensures solutions provided are cost effective and flexible. We have integrated FMEA like Design FMEA, Process FMEA, Design Verification Plan & Report (DVP&R), Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA) with entire system building process  

Concurrent Engineering

The notable business benefits of our simultaneous engineering approach make it a compelling strategy to adopt. 

Competitive Advantage- Reduction in time to market means that businesses gain an edge over their competitors.
Enhanced Productivity- Earlier discoveries of design problems means potential issues can be corrected soon, rather than at a later stage in the development process.
Decrease Design and Development Time- Make products which match their customer’s needs, in less time and at a reduced cost


Concepts with Calculation

Assumptions are completely eliminated with with detailed calculation to ensure the system design meets desired automation process. Every part is analysed in all aspects to remove all problems in implementation.


Design & Engineering

Right and accurate designs are built with market leading industrial design tools like Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor to give you a flexible, intuitive, parametric and and powerful modelling environment.



We believe in providing value to you and your business. We bring value in the solution provided by predicting digitally even before actual system is built. We use leading 3D Simulation tools that can optimize current and planned process, identify and decrease waste, decrease cost and increase revenue.


Build, Assemble and Deploy

Best manufacturing and assembly practices are used to build world class machines. We meet highest level of manufacturing quality at lowest cost to build machines and systems those are affordable. Installation, Operation and Performace qualifications are done asper GAMP standards to meet safety, quality and performace requirements.


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