Improve Efficiency and Accuracy with Automated Warehouse

Warehouse automation provides a sustainable and predictable method to manage the entire supply chain. It also reduces the manpower needed to manage product receipt, storage and dispatch. At Autoedge, we provide comprehensive solutions and services to automate inbound, storage and outbound services. Autoedge Warehouse Management System (AWMS) is designed to meet each unique business need to incorporate and build flexibility, accuracy, and dependability of warehouses. 


Key Warehouse Solution Offered


Merging & Sortation Systems

Merging and sorting your products have never been so easier. We offer range of solutions to Merge multiple inbound lines, Sort and Divert to accurate place with our sorting systems. Our systems and solutions operate efficiently for the various purposes like Order selection, Secondary & Tertiary Packaging, Palletizing, Storage and Shipping. Our Merging & Sortation solution include,

1. Herringbone merging roller conveyors
2. Servo operated high speed merging & sortation
3. Narrow belt sorter
4. Pusher sorter


Deep Storage Solutions

We offer, semi-automated and fully automated deep storage solutions with deep lane storage and retreival systems. Heart of the system is a Pallet Shuttle that carries loaded pallet inside the deep storage rack lane. Operater operates the Pallet Shuttle with the help fo a remote inside the deep storage rack. Typical specification of the Pallet Shuttle is given below

1. Speed: 0.7m/s (with loaded pallet) and 1.2m/s empty
2. Easy integration with AWMS
3. LIFO or FIFO loading and unloading possible with the same design
4. Load capacity: 1500kgs (Max)


Palletizing & Depalletizing Systems

Automated palletizing and depalletizing systems automate the end of the line process for variety of products like boxes, bags, pails and drums. We have extensive experience in evaluating the best automation required for loading your products on pallets. We can provide comprehensive packaging solution that includes end-of-the line packaging, case erection, case labelling, auto sealing, case sortation, and conveyor systems to automate the entire process. Typical palletizing solutions we offer are

1. ROBOTIC palletizing systems
2. Mechanical Palletizing systems


Warehouse Conveyors

Conveyors play an important role in handling and transferring products like bags, cartons, tote, bins and pallets in a warehouse. Over the years, we have supplied more than 5 kms of conveyors to handle different types of products. Typical conveyor we manufacture for warehouse automation include,

1. Roller conveyors
2. Chain conveyors
3. Modular belt conveyors
4. Switch or cross transfer conveyors
5. Turn tables

Key Features

  • Accuracy - High speed and high response vision and OCR systems are used along with labelling systems to manage fast moving packages to ensure efficient and precise packaging, sorting, order picking and dispatch. Complete tracking of product throught the operations
  • Save space - Maximise storage space with automated storage solutions. Minimize overall building foot print by more than 50% to use warehouse effectively.
  • Low cost of Ownership - Lower cost of operation. Plug & play design enables quick implementation. Our systems are energy efficient and requires least maintenance as we select components those are energy efficient, easy to maintain and operate.


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